PROMO: Starlink™ satellite internet equipment, installation, and (1) year of service included with any Mobile Muse studio purchase.

Studio Options

Your studio should be unique and inspiring the same way your work is. Which is why every Mobile Muse studio is customized by you.

From fabric to lighting to flooring to custom upgrades, we want you to feel right at home from the moment you step foot inside. After you choose the initial design options, we'll send you custom renders of your studio before it goes into production.


Choose from a curated selection of acoustics fabrics to match the style and vibe you find most conducive to creativity. Looking for something custom? We can do that, too.


As the largest sound-reflective surface in your studio, flooring is a critical element of designing the perfect studio. Which is why we use Tecsun's High Sierra collection.


Access Control

Booth Windows


We're always looking for ways to make the mobile studio experience even smoother. We've built the add-ons on occasion but haven't made into fully available options yet.

Interested? Let us know in the Studio Designer.