PROMO: Starlink™ satellite internet equipment, installation, and (1) year of service included with any Mobile Muse studio purchase.

Experience better sound. Anywhere.

Mobile recording studios built for acoustic excellence.

Introducing the Mobile Muse Sound Studio. The only studio trailer designed specifically for recording artists, composers, musicians, podcasters, and video personalities.

A vocal recording artist singing into a microphone in the booth of a mobile sound studio trailer.

Where will you muse?

Loud offices. Work from home distractions. Expensive home studio builds that you can't take with you when you move.

All these problems have one thing in common... They're no longer problems.

Mobile Muse Music Studios give you top-tier acoustic control anywhere you need it.

Got internet?

You do now. We're including Starlink™ satellite internet equipment, installation, and (1) year of service with every Mobile Muse studio purchase.

  • Focus mode activated

    Say goodbye to interruptions, distractions, and sound pollution with professional-level sound isolation.

  • Excellence anywhere

    Park a studio in your driveway, on set, or in the middle of Burning Man. We're not judging. Not that you'd hear us anyway.

  • Customized comfort

    Choose the model that suits your needs and customize to your style, brand, or personal tastes.

Word on the street

You could be saying what they're saying.

Industry-leading mixers, touring artists, composers, and more are working in Mobile Muse studios. Ready to join them?

Your muse awaits

The best studio you've ever worked in is only a few steps away.

We work together to build your fully customized Mobile Muse studio.

  1. An icon of a trailer.

    Design your studio

    Customize your perfect studio with choice of fabrics, lighting, flooring, and more.

  2. An icon of a clock.

    Wait (a little impatiently)

    We'll finalize design details with you, build the studio, and deliver it to your doorstep.

  3. An icon of headphones.

    Enjoy acoustic paradise

    Experience perfection while wondering where this has been all your life.

Who's using Mobile Muse studios?

All Shapes and Sizes

In short... You are.

Explore Uses
  • Composers & Mixers

    Composers & Mixers

    Craft your next masterpiece... in peace.

  • Recording Artists

    Recording Artists

    Ultimate environmental (and climate) control.

  • Podcasters


    Your studio everywhere you go. Talk about guest experience.
  • Video Creators

    Video Creators

    A perfectly curated visual and audio experience for your audience.

Take a peek

Work your craft like no other, in a space like no other.

Not only do you forget you're in a trailer, you basically forget you're on Earth. It's that good.

Have questions?

We'd be surprised if you didn't. A few of the most common questions are right here on this page. You can find more on our FAQs page or drop us a line and we'll help you out.

We have different financing partners we can recommend based on whether you’re purchasing a studio as an individual or a business.

You can send us a message for details or there’s an option when you’re designing your studio to let us know you’re interested in financing.

Every trailer is custom built to our quality standards and your design. Typically the process takes 8–12 weeks from the time you submit your initial design request to when it’s delivered. Occasionally it happens faster, in which case you’ll be the first to know.

First, the outside of the trailer is completely unbranded so as not to draw any attention. While we’re a little sad about not slapping a logo on the side and showing these off, the most important thing is keeping your equipment safe.

Second, the double-door entrance is secured with a security deadbolt. You can optionally upgrade to a bluetooth smart lock with digital keypad and mobile app access control.

Absolutely. While one of our offices is in LA where the weather is everyone’s dream, our other office is in Austin. Trust us, we’ve put these to the test and they hold up every step of the way.

Yes. We’ve been in the sound treatment business for a long time. We’ve done spaces for worldwide performers, blockbuster movie composers, and the biggest companies in the world. And now all that experience is packaged up into a mobile sound studio.