PROMO: Starlink™ satellite internet equipment, installation, and (1) year of service included with any Mobile Muse studio purchase.

Mobile Mixing Studios

Gone are the days of wondering where that sound is coming from. No more scheduling your work while kids are at school (summers just got WAY more productive). We remember the days of being interrupted by every delivery driver and salesman. Glad those are behind us.

Not to mention these are a little easier to move to a new house than your custom garage studio that you’ve had to have rebuilt three times already.

Designed for acoustic perfection

Mobile Muse studios are planned and configured to give you the best aspects of a custom-built studio, without all the downsides of something permanent.

  • Eliminate audio pollution
  • No more studio rebuilds when you move
  • Distraction-free work environment

Models designed for Mixing Studios

Explore The Perfect Fit

Every model starts as a blank canvas. Then you'll customize it and choose your desired options. Have a custom request? Let's hear it.